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Event Map

North Arena Restrooms
Restrooms North Arena Entrance
North West Arena Restrooms
North West Corner of the Arena
South West Arena Restrooms
Restrooms on the SW Arena Corner
South Arena Restrooms
Restrooms at the South Entrance of the Arena
Circular Restrooms
Restrooms near food court, beer garden, and Free Stage
Exhibition Building Restrooms
Restrooms in the Exhibition Building
Event Center Restrooms
Restrooms in the North East end of the Event Center
Centennial Village Restrooms
Restrooms in CV at Train Depot and West House
Island Grove Restroom
Restroom in the South East corner of the Park
M Parking Lot
North Arena Parking area for select media
Lot C Parking
Lot C Sponsor & Press Parking
Lot L Parking
Reserved Parking


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