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For 37 years, "those girls on horses" have entertained crowds at the Greeley Stampede. The Stampede Riders were formed in the fall and spring of 1980-81 by Hank "Doc" Scheel, to represent the Stampede at area parades and to carry the Gold Spur sponsor flags. Since then, the Riders have become the Good Will Ambassadors for the Stampede , representing the two-week event all year long at parades, rodeos and other functions.

In the '80s, the Riders started a drill team. It started out slow, but these days the gals ride at breathtaking speed, working with each other, all while controlling a 1,000 lb.+ animal AND carrying a flag. This precision drill team performs at all the Stampede rodeos, and practice starts in March. The ladies' other duties also include ushering at all the night show performances, running a concession stand, being hostesses at various events, taking part in charity fund raisers, doing PR for the Stampede, and riding in all the local (and some not so local) community parades year-round. The Riders are also proud members of the Wranglers, the volunteer work force for the Stampede.
In the fall of 2015 the Stampede Riders were approached by Mr. Ashford, Rodeo Chair to perform at the Top of the World Rodeo in Cripple Creek, CO. The riders performed in the 2-day rodeo that following June of 2016 and were asked to return in 2017.

How things have changed in 37 years. Back when the group was first started, it was just about showing up and riding around the arena in the rodeos carrying a Gold Spur flag and riding in the July Fourth parade. The Riders official outfit was blue jeans, a white shirt, blue vest, red scarf and a white straw hat.
These days? It is many various colors, a multitude of red, white, and blue western clothing, sequins, leather and flash! Even the horses have matching blankets, bridles and breast collars.
So what does it take to be a Stampede Rider? Guts. Horsemanship. Team work! The ladies in this group all come from very different backgrounds; we have moms, travel agents, bankers, postal workers, hair stylist, vet tech, brand inspector, ranch hands, medical workers, retail workers and professionals of all sorts! But - they all have several things in common. First, a deep abiding love of horses! Stampede Riders LOVE to ride! Second, a willingness and desire to volunteer your time and support to this huge community event, really like helping people, and being a part of making the Stampede the very best it can be.

The Stampede is a year-round commitment and the event has grown to be one of the top ten in the nation, and is the World's Largest 4th of July Rodeo! Watch for those sparkling "girls on horses" when you come out to celebrate
the Independence Stampede this year! RIDE ON!
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2017 Stampede Riders

Sherl Stills – President

Kim Austin – Vice President

Breezie Lynch – Treasurer

Kendra Betz – Secretary

Meredith Miller - Rider-At-Large

Debbie Veltri

Kaylyn Miller

Celena Deschamps

Kenna Johnson

Sami Simeon

Nicole Hinojosa

Tina Baird

Shannon McDonald

Nicole Hinojosa

Aimee Britt

Leah Salazar

Coaches: Kim Austin, Kathy Baber & Meredith Miller
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