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Get Western with the World’s Largest 4th of July Rodeo & Western Celebration!


Who:                     The Greeley Stampede

What:                   An 11-day Pro Rodeo and Western Celebration

·         Spectacular 4th of July Fireworks & Downtown Parade

·         5 Headline Concert Performances

·         6 PRCA Sanctioned Pro Rodeo Performances

·         Free Stage Entertainment All Day and All Night

·         PRCA Xtreme Bulls Performance

·         Kids Rodeo

·         Richest Demolition Derby in Colorado


Where:        Greeley, Colorado - Island Grove Regional Park. Centrally located in northern Colorado, featuring 145 acres of spacious lawn and shade trees, bordered by the Poudre River.

When:          June 26th through July 6th, 2014

Entertainment & Activities beginning at 4:00pm on weekdays and 11:00am weekends & July 4th.
Attendance:       Anticipated in 2014 to be 300,000 

Admission:         Adults                                     $5.00

                Seniors                                   $3.00

                Children                                 $2.00

                General Parking                   $10.00                                                      

PRCA Rodeo                          $12.00 - $25.00

                Concert Packages                 $75.00 - $100.00


Mission:       To celebrate our nation's independence and preserve our western heritage.

History:        The Greeley Stampede is rich in tradition and heritage dating back to the late 1800's. This community celebration that was started to honor local potato farmers, has grown into an internationally acclaimed festival attracting guests annually from throughout the United States and internationally.

Officially christened the Greeley Spud Rodeo in 1922, the event featured bucking bronc riding, fancy roping, a pie eating contest, a horse race, motorcycle and bicycle races and a two-mile Model-T Ford "free for all" race.

In an effort to give the event some national recognition the Greeley Spud Rodeo era ended and, thus, began the age of the "Go West with Greeley" Rodeo. The name taken from the famous phrase by the city's name sake, Horace Greeley, who said "Go west young man. Go west."

                A saying commemorated today by the event’s tagline, “Get Western.”   


Partnering with the Greeley Stampede Delivers!

We invite you to tap the branding and marketing power of the “World’s Largest 4th of July Rodeo and Western Celebration” this summer by becoming a sponsor and partner of the Greeley Stampede. 


When you partner with the Greeley Stampede you’re not buying into a static package of benefits based on a level system, sold in bulk to the highest bidder.  Instead, your sponsorship will include a fully-integrated package of primary benefits specially designed to meet your marketing objectives.  Potential benefits include:

Turn-Key Partnerships

The Greeley Stampede has a full-time professional staff committed to helping our partners achieve maximum return on investment from their sponsorship.  We will coordinate promotional programs and effective activation with your marketing team to ensure success. 


In addition, the Stampede takes the guesswork out of sponsorship by providing a thorough post-event reconciliation.  Tear sheets, attendance figures, promotional recaps, and pictures of signage are among the items inventoried in the report.

Title Rights

A title partnership includes title to some of our most popular and newest properties.  Renaming an area as “Your Brand’s Venue” guarantees that every time the property name appears in any advertising, promotion or collateral materials, your name and/or logo is recognized. 

Presenting Rights

A presenting partnership includes the presenting rights to one of our premier events or attractions.  The event will be referred to as Presented by “Your Brand” and will feature your name and logo every time the attraction is mentioned or appears in any advertising, promotion or collateral materials. 

Full Promotional Rights

Sponsors receive exclusive, royalty-free use of the Stampede’s high-impact marks and logo on advertising and promotions.  Use of the recognizable Greeley Stampede logo communicates your commitment to our community.

Extensive Recognition

Your presence is reinforced through your ID (logo and/or name) on all respective collateral materials, including event guides, pocket schedules, promotional brochures and other media.  Your recognition may extend online through a year-round ID and link on the newly designed Greeley Stampede website.  Additionally, your ID may be featured on year-round promotional materials with specific opportunities.

On-Site Visibility

The Stampede is one of northern Colorado’s most popular and long standing traditions, and as a sponsor you will receive exposure throughout the event.  Banners and signage are available in multiple prominent areas of Island Grove Regional Park, as well as daily PA announcements across the grounds, recognition by attraction and event announcers  – all potential benefits which ensure prominent exposure throughout the 11-day event. 

Targeted Display

On-site exhibit space in high-traffic areas, allow you to reach Stampede guests face-to-face in a meaningful, memorable fashion.  At the ticket/information booths and concession outlets, distribute coupons, samples or pamphlets which are coded to track your results.  You can use your exhibit space to stimulate sales, solicit customer feedback, and build your database.  Again, our dedicated Stampede staff is at your disposal to develop effective activation activities.

VIP Entertainment

All of our partners receive an extensive and exclusive package or premium event tickets, admission, parking and hospitality passes.  Use your admission and parking passes and our exclusive Cuff Catcher Hospitality Area or VIP Patio to entertain key customers or executives on site.  Take advantage of our Partner Concierge Service to purchase additional admission, parking or rodeo tickets at a special reduced rate.

Promotional Incentives

One way to measure return is by tying sponsorship directly to sales.  The Stampede makes selling automatic by providing you with reduced cost admission passes which you can tap into for promotional offers.  For example, you can offer free or discounted admission tickets.  Additionally, the dedicated promotional staff at the Greeley Stampede to develop meaningful and effective activation programs to promote your business or brand … there is truly no limits.

 Win-Win Marketing with the Greeley Stampede!


Heightened Communication

With the Greeley Stampede, you will be speaking with your target audience not at them.  Unlike a commercial interruption, your message is woven right into the action, reaching consumers while they are engaged in activities relating specifically to your business.  And, rather than a perfunctory 30-second spot, you have a full 11 days to convey your message.

Outstanding Sales Climate

The average stay at the Greeley Stampede is three hours, with each guest attending an average of three times – that’s more than 9 hours of face time with your target audience.  Also, the Stampede is one of the few live entertainment opportunities in northern Colorado that brings the entire family together as the majority of Stampede visitors come with parents, siblings and other relatives.  You have the opportunity provide firsthand experience with your product or service by connecting with our guests in an environment where they are open to an introduction from an event they consider an old friend.                                

Community Roots

A 92-year tradition, the nearly 300,000 rodeo fans, concert goers and western revelers come to enjoy affordable entertainment.  Truly, the Greeley Stampede is more than the #1 local attraction in the region over the 4th of July holiday – it is simply the most targeted way to reach the every facet of the northern Colorado community.

Bottom Line Impact

Whether your target marketing consists of twenty-something music lovers, budget conscious mothers, discerning art lovers, passionate rodeo fans … or any one in between, the Greeley Stampede can connect your brand, product or service with the right people in a meaningful way. When you support something they care about, they will support you.  Stampede attendees consciously look to see who the sponsors are!


Partnership Opportunities Available for 2014

 Title Partnerships Available

Investment Level: $50,000

·         Free Stage

·         Food Court

·         Main Tent Bar

·         Concert Series

·         Carnival

·         Trade Show / Event Center

·         Week Day of Choice (6)

·         Weekend Day of Choice (4)

·         PRCA Rodeo Series

·         Independence Day


Presenting Partnerships Available

Investment Level: $35,000         

·         Independence Day Parade

·         Concert Performance of Choice (5)

·         Attraction of Choice (3)

·         Independence Day Parade Hospitality

·         Independence Day Parade

·         Demolition Derby

·         Kids Rodeo Performance

·         PRCA Rodeo Performance of Choice (5)

·         PRCA Rodeo Finals Performance

·         PRCA Rodeo Series Webcast

·         PRCA Rodeo Event of Choice (7)

·         PRCA Rodeo Mutton Bustin’

·         Big Buckle Ball


Proprietary Partnerships Available

Investment Level: $15,000           

·         Kids Rodeo Supporter

·         Sheep Stampede

·         Cowboy Bar

·         Rodeo Autograph Tent

·         Safe Ride Program

·         Night at the Cuff Catcher (11)

·         PRCA Rodeo Chute (6)