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Application Dates

Please see the table below for all 2017 Stampede application open and close dates. The listed Open Dates are when the respective applications are available (beginning at 9:00am) and the listed Close Dates are when the application period closes (ending at 5:00pm).

Application Open Date Close Date
Stampede Foundation Scholarship Application 11/15/16 2/17/17
Independence Day Parade Entries 1/9/17 6/16/17
Outrider (Internship) Application 1/11/17 3/3/17
Seasonal Support Staff Application 1/11/17 4/7/17
Commercial & Food Vendor Applications 1/16/17 6/2/17
Justin Boots Mutton Bustin Applications 4/1/17 6/2/17
Greeley Stampede Kids Rodeo Entries 4/1/17 6/9/17
Community Booth Application 5/1/17 5/31/17

Questions about applications? Contact Katie at or by calling 970-356-7787.
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