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Onsite Public Camping

The NEW Greeley Stampede public camping program features 18 spots for guests to camp during the event. Located in Island Grove Park, west of Centennial Village, guests will now be able to camp onsite to maximize their Stampede experience.

Standard: 25’x45’ (9 available per day)
  • $45 per day with a 2 consecutive day minimum
  • $280 for the 12-day event

Premium: 25’x45’ with electricity from generator (9 available per day)

  • $55 per day with a 2-day minimum
  • $350 for the 12-day event
Reservations made before June 22, 2017 are available by calling the Greeley Stampede Ticket Office at 970-356-7787 or visiting the Main Ticket Office locating at 600 North 14th Avenue Greeley, Colorado 80631 Monday-Friday from 10am-5pm. All sales are final; no refunds, exchanges or returns.


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