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Cowboy Games

Date: July 06, 2019

The Cowboy Games! | A cowboy themed obstacle course to test your fitness and teamwork.

Teams of 5 compete in the Cowboy Games to see which team can complete the course the fastest. Obstacles are designed to test strength, stamina, and skill in ways similar to tasks of the American cowboy on the ranch. The Cowboy Games are designed to promote teamwork and physical fitness, and to increase the general public’s knowledge of the skills and athleticism of the cowboy. Registration fees benefit the winning team's non-profit of choice!

2019 Obstacles:
Hurdles: Crawl under and climb over livestock panels and hay stacks plus navigate a maze while carrying a livestock panel
Rope It: Rope a weighted roping sled and drag it
Feeding Time Hay: Re-stack the haystack on the trailer
Feeding Time Grain: Move the pallet of grain to the feeding area
Tire Flip: Move a tractor tire
Water Trough: Haul water by bucket to fill the trough
Egg Toss: Fill up the egg basket by tossing to your teammates

Registration Open March 15 to June 21
Fee: $100 ($ to non-profit of winning team's choice)

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