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Mini Bashers

Sunday, July 7th during the Demo Derby

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Kids have the chance to join the Demolition Derby action in a heat designed specifically for them! With tricked out, battery powered, pint-sized vehicles, youngsters between the ages of 3 and 8 can enter the Mini Bashers Heat.

The goal is to pop the balloons on the front and back of your opponents powered vehicle. Last kiddo driving with at least one balloon wins!

Age divisions are 3-5 years old and 6-8 years old. The first 15 eligible contestants in each age category will be invited to compete. See the rules and registration form below.

Kids Powered Vehicle Derby

All children must be signed in with one parent at the pit gates. If child gets out of the powered vehicle during event, that child is out of the event. Mini Bashers is limited to the first 15 participants in each age category (ages 3-5 and ages 6-8)

  1. Kids Power Vehicle Derby (Mini Bashers) for Kids 3-8 years of age, we will run 2 heats (age 3-5) and (age 6-8) with a regular size electric vehicle such as a Power Wheels car.
  2. With up to a 12-volt lawn mower battery, (battery cannot be mounted in the passenger seat), must be secured and sealed away from child.
  3. Helmets must be worn.
  4. All doors and tailgates must be strapped shut. No Sharp edges, use zip ties or duct tape or other flexible product.
  5. Tires may be covered in duct tape to prevent them from breaking up.
  6. Factory plastic bumpers must remain in place. No reinforcing the body of the vehicle.
  7. Motor must remain factory with no modifications beside the lawn mower battery.
  8. Decorative changes can be made to electric vehicle to make it look like a derby car but it cannot reinforce the vehicle, only add decoration.
  9. No remote controls will be allowed. Vehicle must be driven by child participant.
  10. Remember this is for little kids if you have made modifications you shouldn’t have; your child will not be able to run and be so disappointed.

Participant Information

Participant Age Category

Guardian Information

Email will be the main form of communication.

All entries must agree to the terms and conditions.

I agree to the terms and conditions

Registration Fee

Entry Fee
Kids Powered Vehicle Registration Fee
Eligible children can enter the Kids Powered Vehicle Derby heat for $10 each. Please enter the number "1" in the quantity box below to enter.
Signed Minor Release Form Download Minor Release Form PDF at bottom of page.
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