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Kids Rodeo

Presented by John Elway Dodge

Friday, June 26th @ 10am

While most people may think of rodeos with car sized bucking bulls, fearless cowboys, and lightning fast barrel racers, it's not just for adults. Many successful rodeo personalities got their start as children, competing in events like the Stampede Kids Rodeo. Events exist for all ages including the smallest rodeo enthusiasts, in a fun, exciting atmosphere, with prizes going to some of the courageous little cowboys and cowgirls.

Kids Rodeo
Friday, June 26th @ 10:00am - FREE spectator event!
Stick Pony Events
Some rodeos offer this event for children too small to ride, or those not yet ready to climb on the back of a real horse. Each competitor is given a stick horse and every child gathers in the arena. They all stand behind the start line and take off at the start signal, riding their stick pony as fast as possible to the finish line. Some rodeos offer different stick pony events, such as stick pony barrels or pole bending, which are a fun twist on the standard stick race.

Mutton Bustin'
This hilarious sport is relatively new on the rodeo scene, although the theory behind this wooly ride is familiar: eager cowboys and cowgirls hop on the back of a sheep and hold on for dear life. The sheep is loaded into a small chute, much like those used for bulls and bucking horses. The brave little competitor climbs on the sheep and wraps his hands in the sheep's wool. Chute workers open the gate and the sheep runs fill-tilt across the arena, with the competitor hanging on as long as possible. The rider that stays on for the longest amount of time wins the event.

Junior Timed Events
Junior barrel racing is the same as the adult races, with the competitors broken into groups based on their ages and abilities. Pole bending is common at junior rodeos, and each competitor if required to weave around a set of 6 poles in the shortest time possible. The flag race is another common junior rodeo event, and it is a test of speed and precision. Two 5-gallon bucket are filled with soft dirt or oats, and placed on two barrels on opposite sides of the arena. A flag is placed in one bucket, and each competitor is given another flag. She runs to the empty barrel, jams the flag inside, runs across to the other barrel, scoops the remaining flag out, and carries it to the finish line as fast as possible. Goat tying is a smaller version of adult tie-down roping, and goat tail tying involves the competitors running to a goat staked in the middle of the arena, grabbing a ribbon of his tail, and either throwing his hands up to stop the timer or running back across the finish line on foot.

Junior Rough Stock
These events are miniaturized versions of adult rough stock events, with brave young men and women climbing on small rough stock. Small, lightweight competitors may enter the calf or steer riding events, while taller, heavier cowboys straddling small bulls.

Presented by:

John Elway Dodge Ram
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