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Fun Stuff

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Print-at-Home Activities

Build a Stick Horse

Want to bring the rodeo into your home, but don't have any horses handy? Make your own with this fun and easy craft!

Supplies needed:

  • 1 foam pool noodle (check Amazon or your local dollar store)
  • Ribbon or twine to create the reins (approx. 18 inches)
  • Ribbon or felt to create the mane (we used two curled ribbon bunches with adhesive backs)
  • Googly eyes or permanent marker (googly eyes can be found at Target, your local dollar store, or on Amazon)
  • Foam or cardstock paper for ears (print our template below!)
  • Hot glue gun


  1. Print out the ear template and trace onto cardstock paper or foam. Cut out one pair of ears for each stick horse you are making.
  2. Place the ears 9 inches from the top of the noodle, and glue in place.
  3. Fold the rest of the noodle over, so that the ears are centered in the curve. Glue the "head" to the "neck" and hold in place until secure.
  4. Center the length or ribbon or twine you are using as the reins on the stick horse's "nose" and tie a knot at the back of the "neck." Add a dot of hot glue at the knot to help hold it in place. Leave the extra length to hold on to as reins!
  5. Add your mane! Place your mane so some of it falls over your pony's forehead and glue in place. Hold in place until the glue is set.
  6. Time for the final details! Either draw on the eyes with a permanent marker or glue googly eyes in place. Draw on nostrils in "c" shapes on either side of the pony's face.
  7. Time to rodeo!
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