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99th Greeley Stampede Has Been Postponed
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Event Policies

Guest Code of Conduct

All Greeley Stampede guests are expected to maintain legal, respectful and appropriate behavior at all times. The Greeley Stampede is a private event and management reserves the right to deny entry or eject guests displaying illegal, disrespectful or inappropriate behavior as determined by Greeley Stampede management in its sole judgment. Ejected guests will not receive a refund for their tickets or be compensated in any way.

  • Standing on chairs/seats, aisles or blocking the view of other patrons
  • Drunk and disorderly conduct
  • Fighting or challenging others to fight
  • Interference with the event, or participants of the event in any way
  • Throwing, tossing, or discharging any object
  • Using profanity and/or other offensive words (verbal or written)
  • Taunting or using offensive language against the performers or staff members
  • Entering a seating area without the correct ticket
  • Disturbing other guests enjoyment of the event
  • Failure to comply with directions of facility personnel
  • Violating Greeley Stampede rules, regulations, and Security Orders
  • Violating any local, state, or federal law

Stampede Bag Policies

Stampede Park Bag Search Policy

Allowed: All persons, small bags, parcels, clothing, and other items may be subject to security inspection at park entrances and also at any time on Stampede grounds. Bags larger than 6.5” x 3” x 4.5” (approximately clutch size) are subject to search prior to park entry.

Not Allowed: Bags larger than 24" x 15" x 18" . Strollers larger than 36" x 52". Suitcases, coolers, backpacks, glass, and all other items currently listed on our prohibited items list including weapons and outside food and beverage. See the Prohibited Items list for a complete list of items not allowed at the Greeley Stampede. Guests carrying prohibited items will be asked to return the items to their vehicles.

If you have questions or concerns about the Stampede Park Bag Search Policy, please contact the Stampede office by calling 970-356-7787.

Stampede ARENA Clear Bag Policy

Allowed: Bags that are clear plastic, vinyl, or PVC and do not exceed 12” x 6" x 12" , one-gallon clear plastic freezer bag (Ziploc bag or similar), one small clutch bag, approximately the size of a hand, with or without a handle or strap can be taken into the arena along with one of the clear plastic bags per person. The non-clear bag cannot be larger than 6.5” x 3” x 4.5” .

Not Allowed: All non-clear bags, boxes, or containers larger than 6.5” x 3” x 4.5”, clear bags that are larger than 12” x 6” x 12”, color tinted, or mesh bags. See the Prohibited Items list for a complete list of items not allowed in the arena.

Exceptions: Diaper bags smaller than 24" x 15" x 18" are permitted, but must accompany child and are subject to search. Medically necessary items that do not fit into a 6.5” x 3” x 4.5” bag. Exceptions are subject to search.

If you have questions or concerns about the Stampede Arena Clear Bag Policy, please contact the Stampede office by calling 970-356-7787.

Prohibited Items

The following items are strictly prohibited on Stampede grounds:
  • Gang clothing or symbols
  • Selfie sticks
  • Drones
  • Bikes, Skateboards, Roller blades/skates and Hover boards
  • Pepper spray/mace
  • Open Carry Firearms
  • Knives with blades larger than 3 ½ inches
  • Laser pointers
  • Strollers in the Stampede Arena
  • Outside food and beverages (non-water), coolers, bottles or cans
  • Professional camera/video equipment
  • Filming with iPads/tablets
  • Go Pro-style cameras
  • Non-service animals
  • Unapproved promotional materials and signage
  • Unapproved service and merchandise sales
  • Any other item deemed unacceptable by management

Large bags, briefcases and backpacks are subject to search and seizure upon entry and at any other time while on the grounds.
Prohibited items, equipment and film will be confiscated immediately. The Greeley Stampede will not be liable for any damage, loss or theft of prohibited items.

Cameras/Video Equipment

Fans are welcome to bring personal, point and shoot cameras into the Greeley Stampede. Cameras with telephoto or interchangeable/detachable lenses and external flash (professional photography equipment) are not permitted at any time. Lenses cannot be longer than three inches. Video recording devices, audio recording devices, monopods, bipods, tripods and selfie sticks are also not permitted. Video recording on any device and/or flash photography is prohibited at all times. This policy will be strictly enforced and management reserves the right to deny any electronic device at their discretion.

Guests may not bring audio or video recording devices into the arena. These devices include, but are not limited to, video cameras/camcorders and audio recording devices.

Water Bottle Policy

Allowed: One (1) 20 oz or smaller factory sealed water bottle and/or one (1) empty water bottle that is not glass that can be filled inside the event grounds

Not Allowed: Any beverages aside from one (1) 20 oz factory sealed bottle of water, glass bottles or cans

All persons and items may be subject to security inspection at park entrances and also at any time on Stampede grounds.

Ticket Policies

Greeley Stampede Season Tickets

Greeley Stampede season tickets may be purchased on a renewal basis for either all 5 concert performances or all 6 rodeo performances. Season Ticket Holders will also be allowed to pre-purchase other tickets for the Greeley Stampede events when renewing season tickets.

Season Ticket Account Holder Definition

The name(s) stated on all account holder information denotes the name of the ticket holder(s) on file.

  1. For account holder protection, we will only accept name and address changes, transfer requests and inquiries from the account holder(s) of record.
  2. Season tickets that are held in a company name, in a family name or business must designate an authorized person to make changes to the account.
  3. The account holder of record is liable for any losses or damages caused by prohibited conduct, including liability to: Greeley Stampede for any unauthorized sale, advertised resale or misuse of Greeley Stampede tickets.
  4. The Greeley Stampede suggests that you carefully read both sides of the tickets.

Change of address

If the mailing address of an account holder changes, The Greeley Stampede requires a written request be made via email to tawnya@greeleystampede.org or regular mail to the Greeley Stampede 600 N. 14th Ave, Greeley, CO 80631. The account holder of record is the only authorized person to make address changes to the account.

Resale of Greeley Stampede Season Tickets

The redistribution of account holder tickets to family and friends without the intent of selling tickets at a profit is authorized. Reselling/giving away of Greeley Stampede tickets is prohibited at Island Grove Regional Park during the Greeley Stampede Annual Event and will result in forfeiture of all current and future season ticket rights and privileges.

Seat Change Requests

The Greeley Stampede to provide the best possible seats for all season ticket holders. It is important to understand we have very little forfeiture in our season tickets. We generally do not know what seat movement will happen until after the payment deadline has passed. We will review all change requests and attempt to change as many seats as possible. This will happen based on when the request was submitted. All improvements are dependent upon better seats becoming available. If we are unable to handle your request, your tickets will stay in the original seating location.

Transferring of Season Tickets

Greeley Stampede Season Tickets may be transferred to family members or other individuals ONLY with the written consent of the account holder named on the account. If two or more names appear as account holders, then it will be necessary for ALL named account holders to provide written consent to transfer season tickets to another individual. Tickets may be transferred at any time during the year. Once a written consent is submitted to the ticket office, account ownership will be effective immediately. In the event of the death of the account holder before written consent can be obtained, the following procedures will be followed in order to transfer the deceased account holder’s tickets:

  1. Account Holders Final Will & Testament – If the deceased account holder has included the transfer of his/her Greeley Stampede tickets in their will to a spouse, domestic partner, person with whom they are joined in a civil union, or to a child, the tickets will be transferred to the individual identified.
  2. To surviving spouse, domestic partner, or person with whom the account holder was joined in a civil union, even if not included in a will (appropriate documentation may be required).
  3. To the children of the account holder - If no final will or spouse is available for the ticket transfer, then the surviving children will be offered the opportunity for the transfer of the account holder’s tickets. If the children of the account holder are unable to agree on the disposition of the tickets then tickets will revert back to the Greeley Stampede.

The transfer recipient must provide the Greeley Stampede Ticket Office Manager or Greeley Stampede General Manager with information as well as identification and the appropriate paperwork to show relation to the deceased along with written notice updating the account contact information.

Transfer of Business-Owned Tickets

Tickets may be transferred from a business-owned entity to an individual account holder if the business ceases operation. In this case, proper legal documentation must be provided in order to complete the transfer. Please contact the Greeley Stampede ticket office for details on the transfer of business owned tickets.

Divorce Settlement

Upon divorce or separation, the Greeley Stampede will honor a stipulation authorizing retention or transfer of tickets to one or both of the parties. Without stipulation or agreement, the tickets shall revert to the Greeley Stampede who shall have the right to divide the tickets between the parties or they will revert back to the Greeley Stampede if the parties are unable to reach an agreement.

Unauthorized Transfer of Season Tickets

The Greeley Stampede remains committed to the fans on the Season Ticket Waiting List. For this reason, the current ticket policy strictly prohibits any transfer of season tickets except in the limited circumstances outlined above. Any unauthorized transfer of season tickets, or any attempt to circumvent the official ticket policy on the transfer of the Greeley Stampede season tickets, will result in a violation of the Greeley Stampede Ticket Policy, which may result in the revocation of season tickets and season ticket holder privileges.

Invoice Payments/Due Dates

Season Ticket invoices are mailed annually in early November and full payment is due by the date on the invoice for the next year’s event. Invoices are mailed once the event calendar is set and is not based on the announcement of the concerts. Failure to pay your invoice by this due date will result in the loss of your season ticket renewal privileges.

General Ticket Information

Ticket Sales

All tickets for the Greeley Stampede can be purchased by phone at 970-356-7787, at the ticket office, TicketsWest or online at www.greeleystampede.com.

Accessible Seating

Please contact the Greeley Stampede Ticket Office for information on accessible seating. Due to limited availability, we cannot guarantee accessible seating will be available for all performances. The resale or transfer of accessible seating is prohibited. Management reserves the right to take appropriate action regarding the misuse of these tickets which may result in the relocation or revocation of tickets without refund.

Child Seating Policy

Children under the age of 2 years old do not require a ticket for Greeley Stampede events, provided they are able to sit on the lap of the adult accompanying them. Children who have reached their 2nd birthday are required to have a ticket to attend any performance at the Greely Stampede. Some events do have a child’s price ticket.

Fan Code of Conduct

The Greeley Stampede is committed to providing an enjoyable and safe experience. Irresponsible conduct will not be tolerated at the Greeley Stampede Event. In some cases, may result in arrest and/or ejection from the premises. The following will not be tolerated:

  • Behavior that is unruly, disruptive, or illegal in nature.
  • Intoxication or other signs of alcohol/drug impairment resulting in irresponsible behavior.
  • Foul or abusive language or obscene or gang related gestures.
  • Interference with the performance (including throwing objects into the arena or on stage).
  • Failing to follow instructions from Greeley Stampede personnel.
  • Verbal and physical harassment of fans.
  • Any other conduct deemed to be beyond the bounds of reason.

Repeat violations of the above policy will result in the permanent revocation of season tickets, regardless of whether or not the spectators or violators using the tickets are the season ticket holders of record.

Refunds & Exchanges

The Greeley Stampede has a strict NO refunds or exchanges policy. All sales are final once the order has been processed.

Calendar of Events

The schedule of the Greeley Stampede is subject to change.

Replacement Ticket Policy

In the event that a ticket has been stolen and needs to be replaced, it must be done in the manner specified below. Only the account holder of record, with proper identification (driver’s license, passport, or state identification card) can obtain replacement ticket(s) and replacement tickets may only be obtained at the ticket office windows. Replacement tickets will not be mailed. In the case of stolen ticket(s), a police report must be filed with the agency having jurisdiction where the theft occurred. The police report must contain the season ticket holder of record's name, the season ticket account number, the exact section, row and seat(s) that were stolen and which performances(s) the tickets were stolen for. A copy of the police report must be presented to the Greeley Stampede Ticket Office prior to the issuance of replacement tickets. The Greeley Stampede reserves the right to charge a processing fee of $10.00 per ticket for unprinted PRINT at HOME tickets at the sole decision of the Ticket Office Manager or its staff

Will Call

You may choose to have your tickets left at will call at the Greeley Stampede Ticket Offices. The customer picking up these tickets must present a valid photo ID (that matches the name of ticket account) for tickets to be issued. Tickets that have been designated as will call tickets can be picked up at any of our 4 Ticket Offices during event park hours or the main ticket office inside the park during regular business hours. The main ticket office will also remain open until 1 ½ hours after the arena event has started during the event. Tickets not picked up are not eligible for a refund or credit, these tickets are considered already purchased.

Scalping or Re-Selling Tickets

It is illegal to buy or sell any ticket for any event at the Greeley Stampede. Anyone caught attempting to sell in the restricted area will be prosecuted and, if a season ticket holder, face revocation of season tickets. Greeley Stampede does not guarantee the authenticity of tickets purchased from third parties and reserves the right to refuse entry for duplicate, stolen or inauthentic tickets.

The Greeley Stampede remains committed to its guests. For this reason, the current ticket policy strictly prohibits any transfer of tickets through any third party companies or individuals. The Greeley Stampede will not be responsible for notifying those who have not purchased ticket directly through the appropriate avenues of purchase of any changes in dates, times or tickets. It is not the responsibility Greeley Stampede to honor tickets not received through purchase or gift, if found not valid or not purchased through the Greeley Stampede’s authorized direct avenues of purchase. The redistribution of account holder tickets to family and friends without the intent of selling tickets at a profit is authorized. Reselling/giving away of Greeley Stampede tickets is prohibited at Island Grove Regional Park during the Greeley Stampede Annual Event and will result in forfeiture of all current and future ticket rights and privileges. Any unauthorized transfer of tickets, or any attempt to defraud the official ticket policy in regards to a transfer of tickets will be seen as fraudulent and tickets will not be issued by the Greeley Stampede.

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99th Greeley Stampede Has Been Postponed