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2022 Season Tickets

Interested in becoming a season ticket holder? Please fill out the contact form below and a representative from the ticket office will contact you starting Monday February 14. If you have questions about becoming a season ticket holder, contact Tawnya Garcia by calling 970-356-7787 or e-mail tawnya@greeleystampede.org.
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Greeley Stampede Season Tickets

Greeley Stampede season tickets may be purchased on a renewal basis for either all 5 concert performances or all 6 rodeo performances. Season Ticket Holders will also be allowed to pre-purchase other tickets for the Greeley Stampede events when renewing season tickets.

Season Ticket Account Holder Definition
The name(s) stated on all account holder information denotes the name of the ticket holder(s) on file.
  1. For account holder protection, we will only accept name and address changes, transfer requests, and inquiries from the account holder(s) on record.
  2. Season tickets that are held in a company name, family name, or business must designate an authorized person to make changes to the account.
  3. The account holder on record is liable for any losses or damages caused by prohibited conduct, including liability to Greeley Stampede for any unauthorized sale, advertised resale, or misuse of Greeley Stampede tickets.
  4. The Greeley Stampede suggests that you carefully read both sides of the tickets.
Change of Address
If the mailing address of an account holder changes, the Greeley Stampede requires a written request be made via email to tawnya@greeleystampede.org or regular mail to the Greeley Stampede: 600 N. 14th Ave., Greeley, CO 80631. The account holder on record is the only authorized person to make address changes to the account.

Resale of Greeley Stampede Season Tickets
The redistribution of account holder tickets to family and friends without the intent of selling tickets for a profit is authorized. Reselling/giving away of Greeley Stampede tickets is prohibited at Island Grove Regional Park during the Greeley Stampede Annual Event and will result in forfeiture of all current and future season ticket rights and privileges.

Seat Change Requests
The Greeley Stampede aims to provide the best possible seats for all season ticket holders. It is important to understand that we have very little forfeiture in our season tickets. We generally do not know what seat movement will happen until after the payment deadline has passed. We will review all change requests and attempt to change as many seats as possible. This will happen based on when the request was submitted. All improvements are dependent upon better seats becoming available. If we are unable to handle your request, your tickets will stay in the original seating location.

Transferring of Season Tickets
Greeley Stampede Season Tickets may be transferred to family members or other individuals ONLY with the written consent of the account holder named on the account. If two or more names appear as account holders, then it will be necessary for ALL named account holders to provide written consent to transfer season tickets to another individual. Tickets may be transferred at any time during the year. Once a written consent is submitted to the ticket office, account ownership will be effective immediately. In the event of the death of the account holder before written consent can be obtained, the following procedures will be followed in order to transfer the deceased account holder's tickets:
  1. Account Holder's Final Will & Testament - if the deceased account holder has included the transfer of his/her Greeley Stampede tickets in their will to a spouse, domestic partner, person with whom they are joined in a civil union, or to a child, the tickets will be transferred to the individual identified.
  2. To surviving spouse, domestic partner, or person with whom the account holder was joined in a civil union, even if not included in a will (appropriate documentation may be required).
  3. To the children of the account holder - if no final will or spouse is available for the ticket transfer, then the surviving children will be offered the opportunity for the transfer of the account holder's tickets. If the children of the account holder are unable to agree on the disposition of the tickets then the tickets will revert back to the Greeley Stampede.
The transfer recipients must provide the Greeley Stampede Ticket Office Manager or Greeley Stampede General Manager with information as well as identification and the appropriate paperwork to show relation to the deceased along with written notice updating the account contact information.

Transfer of Business-Owned Tickets
Tickets may be transferred from a business-owned entity to an individual account holder if the business ceases operation. In this case, proper legal documentation must be provided in order to complete the transfer. Please contact the Greeley Stampede ticket office for details on the transfer of business-owned tickets.

Divorce Settlement
Upon divorce or separation, the Greeley Stampede will honor a stipulation authorizing retention or transfer of tickets to one or both of the parties. Without stipulation or agreement, the tickets shall revert to the Greeley Stampede who shall have the right to divide the tickets between the parties or they will revert back to the Greeley Stampede if the parties are unable to reach an agreement.

Unauthorized Transfer of Season Tickets
The Greeley Stampede remains committed to the fans on the Season Ticket Waiting List. For this reason, the current ticket policy strictly prohibits any transfer of season tickets except in the limited circumstances outlined above. Any unauthorized transfer of season tickets, or any attempt to circumvent the official ticket policy on the transfer of the Greeley Stampede season tickets, will result in a violation of the Greeley Stampede Ticket Policy, which may result in the revocation of season tickets and season ticket holder privileges.
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