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Grand Marshals

Randy Owens Photography

Randy Owens Photography 

Mike and Nomie Ketterling moved to Greeley on the Fourth of July, 1977.  When they asked the desk clerk at a downtown hotel what to do in Greeley on the 4th, the clerk looked at them in disbelief and said “the Greeley Independence Stampede”.  He instructed them to walk northwest until they saw the carnival and grandstand.  So began their association with one of Greeley and Weld County’s premier events: the “World’s Largest 4th of July Rodeo and Western Celebration”.

Nomie was born in San Jose, Costa Rica, and grew up in Park City, Montana.  Mike was born and raised in Billings, Montana; they met at Montana State University and married in 1976. 

Nomie earned a BS in Sociology from MSU and MA in Psychology from UNC.  She began her work in Greeley at the Weld County Sheriff’s Office then spent the next 23 years working for Weld County Partners.  She is currently at North Range Behavioral Health as the program coordinator for Weld County Prevention Partners, a coalition for youth substance abuse prevention.

Mike received his BS and MS in Civil Engineering from MSU. Mike began his engineering career at NHPQ then worked at Norton, Underwood & Lamb before starting the firm of KBN Engineers in 1995.

Nomie has been on the High Plains Library District Board and a 20-year member of the Eaton Public Library Board.  She participated in Leadership Greeley/Weld County and is a member of the GX Chapter of PEO. She has volunteered for Right to Read, Eaton Fire Department Auxiliary, Partners, United Way, the Woman’s Fund, TGYS State Board, Aims Community College Criminal Justice Board and is currently on the MSU Alumni Advisory Board.

Mike was a volunteer fireman for the Eaton Fire Protection District for 20 years; he served on the Weld County United Way Board of Directors, Greeley Area Habitat for Humanity Board of Directors, the Greeley Independence Stampede Committee from 1998 to 2001, Community Foundation Serving Greeley/Weld County Board and Littler Youth Fund Committee. He is currently the Chairman of the Poudre River Trail Corridor Board, on the Greeley Downtown Development Authority Board, Stampede Foundation Board, Great Western Trail Authority Board and Partners Mentoring Youth - Greeley Advisory Committee & Northern Colorado Board of Directors and a member of the Eaton Sertoma Club.

The Ketterling’s were co-founders with Tuffy & Shirley Holland of the Greeley Stampede Western Art Show and Sale.  In its first fourteen years, the Art Show sold a million dollars worth of art that generated a quarter million dollars towards scholarships for youth graduating from Weld County high schools.

“When asked to be this year’s Grand Marshals for the 92nd Greeley Stampede, we couldn’t believe the great honor that had been given us. We have been fortunate to have opportunities to get involved with our Community and been blessed by all the experiences we have had and the people we have come to know over the years. We couldn’t be happier and more proud of the honor of being this year’s Grand Marshals”.

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