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Come and enjoy relaxed live entertainment during peak meal times by local artists at the NEW Locals Music Stage.

Whether you are sitting down to enjoy a meal or just wanting to get out of the sunlight for awhile we have you covered.
Wednesday, June 26 5-7pm Gil Astorga
Thursday, June 27 5-7pm Aubrey Dale
Friday, June 28 6-8pm Carlos Barata
Saturday, June 29 12-2pm Capture This
6-8pm Ben Pu
Sunday, June 30 12-2pm Soup de Jour
6-8pm Paul Beveridge
Monday, July 1 5-7pm Mtn. Duo
Tuesday, July 2 5-7pm Aubrey Dale
Wednesday, July 3 5-7pm Ben Pu
Thursday, July 4 12-2pm Clark Ellis of Defeats the Porpoise
6-8pm Braxton Hamblen
9-11:30pm The Blueligans
Friday, July 5 6-8pm Wilson Clark
Saturday, July 6 12-2pm Braxton Hamblen
6-8pm Parker Gentry
Sunday, July 7 12-2pm Mtn. Duo
6-8pm Gil Astorga

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