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Excerpt from the 1925 program 

The Independence Day Parade has been an integral fixture of the Greeley Stampede throughout its history. Though there were likely parades in conjunction with the holiday before, the first year we have records of a Spud Rodeo-hosted parade is 1925. Categories for the parade that year included:

  • Best Decorated Private Automobile
  • For Organization Having Largest Per Cent of Members Marching, and Best Appearance. This category included community groups and organizations such as the Boy Scouts, Camp Fire Girls, churches, service groups, unions and patriotic organizations.
  • For Best Decorated Industrial Floats
  • For Best Lodge or Service Club Float
  • For Best Clown in Parade

Prizes for the category winners ranged from $5 - $30 (roughly $75-$450 today by today’s standards)! The parade route has also changed over the years. In 1925, the parade began at City Hall (which was, at the time, at 7th Street and 9th Avenue). The route would head south on 9th Avenue to 11th Street, east one block to 8th Avenue and would dismiss at the State Armory which is on 8th Avenue between 6th and 7th Streets.

Today, the Greeley Stampede hosts a Fourth of July parade that attracts thousands of attendees and over 150 floats, acts, and marching bands. Additionally, guests at the Greeley Stampede can see the daily Parade in the Park which features longhorns, tractors, hitches, and visiting rodeo royalty!

Enjoy this gallery of some parade photos throughout the decades!
1929 - The Daughters of the American Revolution on their winning float depicting Washington crossing the Delaware.
Circa 1940s - A 4-H float featuring an arrow and the text "4-H leads the way!"
1974 - The Greeley Independence Stampede committee on horseback during the parade
Circa 1980s - A marching band (possibly Greeley West High School) parades down 9th Avenue
1989 - a City of Greeley float featuring a live band
1989 - the Merry Mixers dance down the parade route on their float. The group continues to be an annual favorite!
1980 - A float featuring Horace Greeley's famous quote, "Go West, young man"
1997 - a flyover kicks off the annual Independence Day parade
2002 - a carousel horse featuring the Greeley Stampede logo.
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