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Miss Rodeo Colorado

For more than 60 years, Miss Rodeo Colorado has symbolized the youth of Colorado who wish to further promote the sport of rodeo and our western heritage. The pageant is a continuing legacy of life in the West, the spirit of the settlers, the traditions of ranching, and the excitement of rodeo.
Since 1990, the Greeley Stampede has been the host rodeo of the Miss Rodeo Colorado Pageant.

Kellie Stockton

Kellie Stockton, 2019 Miss Rodeo Colorado 
Kellie Stockton is the 24-year-old daughter of Jeff and Rebecca Stockton. She grew up with her older brother on a small family ranch in Beulah, Colorado. As a second-generation cowgirl, the love of horses was natural for her and grew into a life-long passion. That passion led her to show and compete in local saddle clubs and the National Little Britches Rodeo Association in both barrel racing and pole bending.

Kellie also has a strong passion for education and graduated from Colorado State University- Pueblo in the Spring of 2018 with a Bachelor’s degree in Liberal Studies with an emphasis in Elementary Education and endorsements to teach History. She hopes to work as a teacher in a rural school district and to continue working to become a professional barrel racer. Kellie will use her skills as an educator and her love for rodeo to help inspire youth and educate the public about agriculture and rodeo.

Kellie’s hobbies include archery, hunting, fishing, reading, learning American Sign Language, and drawing.

The Greeley Stampede is the home rodeo for the Miss Rodeo Colorado pageant.
Preliminaries are held each spring, and the pageant takes place during the summer event.

Miss Rodeo Colorado Past Queens

1956 Elaine Ward Peterson Bixby 1976 Bobbi Jo Etter Jacquelin 1996 Sara Boensch Collins 2016 Madelaine Mills
1957 Donna Thomas Parrish
1977 Almabeth Carroll Kaess 1997 Stacy Reid Bandock 2017 Kelsie Winslow
1958 Revae Milligan Woodsworth 1978 Barbara Seitz Williams 1998 Aspen Emmett McCarthy 2018 Alex Hyland Cox
1959 Sandra Lee Craig Rowley 1979 Debbie Pech Ritch 1999 Aubrey Williams Hill
1960 Marie Mass Gatlin 1980 Kathy Martin Colletti 2000 Tara Graham Rowe
1961 Rosemary Larson 1981 Kim Nogel Mazza 2001 Allison Munger Salo
1962 Margie Mowry Woodward 1982 Jill Lovelace Williams 2002 Addie Knowlton Haynes
1963 Sue Gilliams Israel 1983 Vanette Ruzanski Benesch 2003 Christy Spurlock Draper
1964 Sherry Boyer Watts 1984 Kym Cooper Radosta 2004 Cassidy Reid Kahoe
1965 Kathy Dalton Hodgson 1985 Taleen Jenkins Vick 2005 Tressie Knowlton
1966 Jo Beth Smith Steward 1986 Kris Wilder Hall 2006 Tara Spencer Carleo
1967 Jerry Bond Draper 1987 Kelli Dilka Brandon 2007 Amy Jo Fields Rogers
1968 Kathleen Flinn 1988 Mandy Wheatly Wolfe 2008 Megan Grieve Scales
1969 Mary Ann Bledsoe 1989 Kimber Greene Solberg 2009 Audra Dobbs McNicholas
1970 Janet Donley Spanier 1990 Lori Shalberg 2010 Kasie Pigg Smith
1971 Gail Hughes Anderson 1991 Ginger Greene 2011 Kellsie Purdy Simons
1972 Yvonne Winter Corley 1992 Terry Lynn Bunker Svendsen 2012 Cassidy Cabot Bach
1973 DeAnna Kay Swetzig 1993 Melissa King McEndaffer 2013 Sarah Wiens Swor
1974 Janine Hiatt Walter 1994 Susan Boensch Meyer 2014 Rhianna Russell
1975 Vicki Hallmark Hughes 1995 Paulette Woods O'Hotto 2015 Marie Kidd
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