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Scholarship Recipients

Congratulations on your selection as a recipient of a 2022 Greeley Stampede Foundation Scholarship! We congratulate you on your hard work and wish you luck on your future endeavors.

To accept or defer your scholarship, fill out the appropriate form by July 15, 2022.

Accept Scholarship - Click Here
This will ensure that funds are correctly sent to your College Financial Aid Office. Payments will be made directly to the school and in one payment of $2,500.00 at the beginning of Fall Semester 2022. Payment for the scholarships cannot be released without the form being completed. This is not a renewable scholarship. Please make sure to contact the Greeley Stampede office immediately if your plans change after the July 15th date.

Defer Scholarship - Click Here
This scholarship has an expiration of one year after the date of the award letter. The funds can be deferred and used Fall Semester 2023. If you feel that you have a situation where your scholarship needs to be deferred, please fill out the deferment form. You will need to upload a letter of formal request for deferment within this form to the Greeley Stampede Foundation board. The board will review the request and inform you of a decision. If you had already accepted the scholarship and now need to defer, please contact Julie at the Greeley Stampede office.
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