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Guest Code of Conduct

All Greeley Stampede guests are expected to maintain legal, respectful, and appropriate behavior at all times. The Greeley Stampede is a private event and management reserves the right to deny entry or eject guests displaying illegal, disrespectful, or inappropriate behavior as determined by Greeley Stampede management in its sole judgement. Ejected guests will not receive a refund for their tickets or be compensated in any way.

  • Standing on chairs/seats, aisles or blocking the view of other patrons
  • Drunk and disorderly conduct
  • Fighting or challenging others to fight
  • Interference with the event or participants of the event in any way
  • Throwing, tossing, or discharging any object
  • Using profanity and/or other offensive words (verbal or written)
  • Taunting or using offensive language against the performers or staff members
  • Entering a seating area without the correct ticket
  • Disturbing other guests' enjoyment of the event
  • Failure to comply with directions of facility personnel
  • Violating Greeley Stampede rules, regulations, and Security orders
  • Violating any local, state, or federal law
Your presence on site is an implied consent for the Greeley Stampede to use your likeness for its publications and marketing purposes. Please inform the staff of any problems this presents.
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