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For the 2022 event, the Greeley Stampede hired the International Festival & Events Association (IFEA) to conduct an economic impact study which was completed by JS&A Economic Development Consulting. This is the first official study completed in over 20 years to determine the impact the Greeley Stampede has on the economy of Greeley. Overall, the study found the Greeley Stampede’s economic impact to our community totals over $23 million which includes revenue generated at the event and in the City of Greeley.

“The Greeley Stampede is an event to celebrate our independence and preserve our western heritage. The Stampede has one more part to our mission, to strengthen our community,” commented Julie Jensen, Greeley Stampede General Chairman. “Seeing the result of the economic impact study and knowing how we give back, solidifies that we are on the right track to fulfill that part of our mission.”

Of the 253,000 guests that came out to celebrate the 100th Greeley Stampede in 2022, the study found that guests spend an average of $61 at the event and an additional $32 within the City of Greeley on activities like dining, shopping and entertainment. Over 25% of the attendees live outside of Weld County with a majority coming from Colorado.

In support of the Stampede’s mission to strengthen our community, the event donated back over $230,000 to organizations including $94,235 paid to volunteer groups that came out to work various areas in 2022. “We simply can’t have the Stampede without our volunteers,” added Jesse Leos, Volunteers Chairman. “This is a community celebration supported by the community. Our donations back to organizations that volunteer is our way of thanking them and supporting their own missions financially.” Other donations from the Stampede include $26,000 with the support of the Ranack Cares Foundation for breast cancer awareness, $8,500 to High Plains Honor Flight from the Military Appreciation Night rodeo, and $101,765 to the Stampede Foundation scholarship fund with assistance from the JBS Home Town Strong initiative.

The Stampede is also dedicated to improving their home, Island Grove Park. Since 1992, the Stampede has invested more than $11 million into city owned park capital improvements. “The capital improvements not only benefit the Stampede, but all of Greeley as the park continues to become a premier event destination in part to the improvements made,” said Justin Watada, Greeley Stampede CEO. For the 100th celebration in 2022, the Stampede capital improvement projects included building the new permanent JBS Stage and updating the skyboxes in the arena, a $3.6 million investment into the park. “Once we complete these improvements,” continued Watada, “they become city owned property making them available to anyone that would like to use the facilities.”

To read more about the Greeley Stampede’s economic impact study, donations, and capital improvements, visit greeleystampede.org/p/community-report.

Now the Stampede team is working their magic to prepare for the 2023 event June 22nd through July 4th and continue working to strengthen our community. You can become part of the celebration by volunteering at the event. Learn more about volunteering by e-mailing volunteers@greeleystampede.org.

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