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It's "Back to School" time for a lot of families. This may include reflecting on all the fun you had during summer vacation, completing the school supply list, and deciding what to wear for the first day back.

As the Greeley Stampede, we look back and take note of the highlights, make a list of what we need for next year, and decide on a look for the new campaign.

2017 will mark the 96th Annual Greeley Stampede and we are looking for inspiration from our archives to infuse some old in with the new and bring back some traditions.

The Rustler was originally a printed newspaper with the earliest archive of 1994, Volume 3, Issue 15. We are still going through the archives and are hoping to find the first edition. Finding these old papers inspired the return of The Rustler, but as a monthly e-newsletter.

We are learning a ton while sifting through the archives and appreciate the simplicity of the old advertising, theme filled events, and focus on the people who help make the Greeley Stampede evolve and succeed year after year. We’re getting “back to basics,” which means focusing on simplicity, fun, and people.

We hope your “back to school” time is the same: simple, fun, and filled with amazing people.

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