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Rodeo 34 Award to Recognize Top Contestant


“Rodeo 34 Award to Recognize Top Contestant”

GREELEY, CO--The Greeley Stampede, Rooftop Rodeo Estes Park, and Larimer County Fair & PRCA Rodeo have partnered to recognize the rodeo contestant that earns the most points combined at their three rodeos in 2017.

The recipient will win the inaugural Rodeo 34 Award, receive a $3,000 gas & grocery gift card, and a championship pure beaver custom cowboy hat courtesy of Trent Johnson and Greeley Hat Works valued at $1,650. The Rodeo 34 Award recipient will also be featured during the 2017 PRCA Mountain States Circuit Finals at the Ranch, Larimer Country’s Fairgrounds and Events Complex in Loveland, Colorado on October 27th and 28th

“This new partnership will be a great way to recognize and award the contestant that competes at all three rodeos.” said Mark Purdy, Estes Park Western Heritage, Inc. Chairman, “We felt it was important to provide items to help keep the contestant on the road like fuel and food. Hopefully we can continue to add to the prizes”

The new alliance, named after the highway that connects the three rodeos, was created to help promote the sport of rodeo. Members from the three rodeo committees will meet throughout the year to share information, cross promote and build new partnership.

“We are excited to create a stronger alliance with our neighbor rodeos.” said James Herman, Greeley Stampede Rodeo Chair, “It is a great opportunity to learn more about their events and to provide extra incentives for contestants to compete at all three rodeos.”

2017 Rodeo 34 schedule

  1. Greeley Stampede June 23-July 4
  2. Estes Park Rooftop Rodeo July 5-10
  3. Larimer County Fair &PRCA Rodeo August 6-8

“It will be fun to watch the leaderboard as the series starts in Greeley, goes through Estes Park and then ends in Loveland.” said Richard Rule, Larimer County Fair & Rodeo Committee, “Then we get to cap it off by recognizing them during the Mountain States Circuit Finals hosted at The Ranch in October.”

More information about the Rodeo 34 Alliance is available by contacting:

Rodeo 34 Rules & Regulations (subject to change)
  1. All contestants must enter and compete in all three rodeos in 2017:
    • Greeley Stampede
    • Estes Park, Rooftop Rodeo
    • Loveland, Larimer County Fair and Rodeo
  1. Points awarded to contestants:
    • 1st place: 10 points
    • 2nd place: 9 points
    • 3rd place: 8 points
    • 4th place: 7 points
    • 5th place: 6 points
    • 6th place: 5 points
    • 7th place: 4 points
    • 8th place: 3 points
    • 9th place: 2 points
    • 10th place: 1 point
  2. In the event of a tie, the tie breaker will be determined by which contestant has won the most money up until event.
Rodeo 34 Award to Recognize Top Contestant
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